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Sylvie Caouette et Nicole Paradis Laval West

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3271 rue Alfred de Musset
Laval QC, H7P 0A7




They say that “shoes are best worn in pairs”! Well our story is a bit like that.

As a mother-daughter duo, we’ve spent a large part of our lives working together (although we’ve each had our separate projects, we are always even stronger together). My name is Nicole, and my daughter is Sylvie. We are the dynamic duo behind Bien Chez Soi Laval-Ouest.

We’ve almost always worked together as a family of entrepreneurs. Through the last couple of years, my son shared his stories about Bien Chez Soi. His excitement and passion towards help people young families and elderly people was so contagious and compelling that we both found ourselves motivated to join our strengths again and make a difference in the communities we live in.

Despite being retired, I couldn’t pass down this fantastic opportunity. It spoke to every ounce of my beliefs and morals. Something the inner businesswomen, caring mother, daughter, grandmother and active member of our community couldn’t let pass by. At my age, I’ve experienced many exciting moments and have equally lived challenge. My support network (my family) have always been by my side. I’ve come to learn that not everyone has this type of support though. I’ve also come to appreciate the quality of time that I have to spend with my loved ones and only hope to spend the rest of my working life (yes, even though I am retired) by helping bring a little more support, balance, comfort and enjoyment to those who live around us, young or old!

Sylvie and I appreciate that we have the chance to offer personalized services that suit each family’s unique needs. We treat each family and employee with the compassion and care that we would only want for our very own. It is our belief that by supporting ourselves and our families, we build a stronger community and grow together.

I’ve shared my story, now I look forward to learning about yours!

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