House Cleaning Services

When you work with the home care team at Bien Chez Soi, you will not only enjoy a spotless home but spend more time doing what you love. Our friendly staff can take care of those hard-to-reach places so you don’t have to.

Household cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming floors
  • General dusting
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Cleaning kitchen
  • Emptying garbage
  • Removing fingerprints on walls and cabinets
  • Cleaning baseboards and frames

You can rest assured that Bien Chez Soi employees are trustworthy, discrete and dedicated to the improvement of you and your family’s quality of life. We prioritize your well-being by offering you home care services that are personalized and adapted to your needs. If you need more information or would like to request an estimate, please contact us.

Ask your home care specialist now for our Home Maintenance Assessment Form to help us is determine your specific cleaning plan.

Carefully selected, our caregivers have your best interests at heart.