Stay Safe at Home with Mobility Assistance

Perform everyday tasks in a safe manner with mobility assistance from the trusted caregivers at Bien Chez Soi. We will assist you with your movements to ensure your safety and comfort. Whether you need help getting around the house, getting to appointments or to your favourite activities, we are here to provide support you need.

Assistance with Bathing & Personal Hygiene
Bathing and personal hygiene can be difficult for people with reduced mobility. With Bien Chez Soi, our caregivers will keep you safe and provide the customized assistance you need. Our in-depth hiring process ensures that all prospective caregivers have the suitable certification and experience. This gives you confidence in knowing that only the most qualified people will be helping you or your loved ones. Focused on safety and respect for our patients, we provide the help you need to maintain proper hygiene. Our clients feel a continuous sense of comfort while preserving their enjoyed lifestyle, dignity and independence at home.

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Carefully selected, our caregivers have your best interests at heart.