Childcare Services in Quebec

Are you looking for a trusted childcare provider in the province of Quebec? Bien Chez Soi will support your family by taking care of your children and loved ones while also assisting with general household organization. This friendly and helpful service gives you the time and energy you need to invest in quality time with your loved ones. We offer services both during the day and evening, to accommodate the unique lifestyle and schedule of your family. Whether you need us once a week or every day, our caregivers are available to offer your family all the assistance you need. We take the time necessary to understand your needs and to find the right caregiver for your situation.

Our caregivers offer assistance with:

Carefully selected, our caregivers have your best interests at heart.

Tax Credit for Child Care Expenses
Expenses paid for childcare services may give entitlement to a refundable tax credit. The amount of the credit is based on family income. Advance payments are possible, provided certain conditions are met. Depending on family income, the tax credit rate varies from 26% to 75% of qualifying childcare expenses paid by the parents.

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