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Consider a Career at Bien Chez Soi – In-Home Care Experts

Would you like to make a real difference in the lives of people in our community who need assistance? If so, you should consider joining the Bien Chez Soi family!

Our mission is to prioritize the well-being of the people that surround us by offering personalized in-home care services. With effective practices in human resource management, we create an environment of the utmost professionalism while providing exceptional services to our clients.

At Bien Chez Soi, we encourage employees to take initiative and your efforts will be noticed. We invite you to help make Bien Chez Soi the number one reference for quality home and health care services! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with us and be sure to check our current job openings. If you’re ready to apply, please send us your resume.

Join our family of caregivers

1. Free Interview Tips

Want to join a team who cares about your success! We are happy to start you off on the right foot by giving you the top 5 tips to ace your interview!

2. Initial Discovery Call

Learn more about Bien Chez Soi and if it’s the right fit for you.

3. First Interview

This is an opportunity to learn a bit more about each other. As we learn about your unique strengths, this helps us match the right caregiver for the right family.

4. Background Check

Thank You for your confidence in Bien Chez Soi. By completing our background checks, our family’s can feel reassured with our choices.

5. Mandate Presentation

Balancing work, family and studies is our priority. This is why we involve you in the process to choose the mandates that work best for your needs.

6. The Perfect Match

Each candidate is screened and evaluated for their experience, compassion, problem-solving skills and natural personality fit that compliments each family’s needs.

7. First Visit

Let us know how it went! Did we choose the right family and schedule? Your feedback helps us make any adjustments to help you feel best at what you do.

Welcome To The Family!

What Makes Working For Bien Chez Soi Unique


Many studies indicate that employees rarely quit because of salary; they quit because work conditions don’t fit with their personal and familial needs.

At Bien Chez Soi, we care about you, your family and your personal life. Taking care of others must start with taking care of yourself first and therefore we work together with our employees to ensure that their schedules work well with their personal life and families needs.

As of October 30th, 2018, Bien Chez Soi is recognized as a certified Employer of the CTEF (Certification Travail Études Famille). To be recognized as a certified Employer, here are a few of the criteria’s we prioritize;

  • Flexible schedules
  • Ability to choose the work schedule
  • A minimum of 72 hours (3 business days) notice of changes in schedules
  • A predetermined schedule for a minimum of a week in advance
  • The ability to bank hours to convert to time off
  • Flexibility choosing vacation days
  • The ability to refuse overtime or additional hours
  • The ability to not work evenings or weekends
  • Flexibility to switch shifts of work with colleagues and accommodate personal needs without taking time off
  • Ability to plan time off when school is out

Why You Should Work for Bien Chez Soi

  • Bien Chez Soi was a finalist for an award of excellence in 2013 in the category of Management and Development of Human Resources
  • Stable, full-time or part-time schedules planned a month in advance
  • Schedule protection policies
  • Carefully matching employees with customers’ needs and personalities
  • Overall feeling of personal satisfaction as you will make a difference in peoples' lives
  • Competitive compensation and salary (we offer evening, night and weekend premiums, etc.)
  • Initial training accredited by Emploi Québec that leads to a professional certificate as a home care specialist provider (apprenticeship program in the workplace)
  • All of our employees are covered by liability insurance
  • Continuing education throughout your employment
  • Daily support and supervision (telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Monthly assessment and wage increases based on individual performance
  • Emphasis on teamwork and support
  • Social activities including "5-à-7", Christmas party, summer activities, etc.

Hiring & Training

Each Bien Chez Soi caregiver is selected according to a thorough and extensive hiring process that is directly related to our mission. Academic training, work experience, and the personality of each individual are taken into consideration. We maintain a daily relationship with our caregivers to ensure consistency in all of our home and health care services. We also provide continuous training and meetings on health-related subjects to further your knowledge and enhance your ability to help our clients.

Bien Chez Soi’s rigorous hiring process includes:

  • Telephone interview
  • In-person interview
  • Verification and proof of academic certification
  • Verification of PDSB card certified by ASSTSAS and CPR
  • Verification of employment history
  • Police investigation

Continuous Training

  • We offer a Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT - programme d'apprentissage en milieu de travail) accredited by Emploi Quebec and leads to professional certification as a home care specialist provider
  • We offer an apprenticeship program in the workplace
  • You will receive daily coaching and support with a team leader focusing on the integration of home and health care skills
  • You will receive training and documentation throughout your employment on home health care skills, diseases and important information regarding the loss of autonomy

"I'm happy to be here! The departure I made allowed me to see how things are going in a CHSLD ... So here (at Bien Chez Soi) I can take care of the person I have the privilege to accompany, we adapt to the customer in the respect of what they want to do and be.

Thank you for giving me your trust."