Why Choose Us?

Bien Chez Soi’s team works hard to become the benchmark for home and health care services in Quebec. We support the needs of young families and our ageing population with a family approach that sets us apart from others. With a trustworthy, qualified team, we are able to ensure a better quality of life for you and your family.

Personalized Pairing

We offer a free consultation for a personalized assessment of your needs. Then, we carefully select a caregiver that perfectly matches your needs and personality. Whether you need a caregiver that speaks another language than French or English, or a caregiver that has a specific interest in common with your loved one, we will find the right caregiver to help you. Taking the time and investing the energy to find the right person for your needs leads to a relationship of trust and stability, which ensures we will be able to help our clients for as long as needed.

Our Caregivers

Each member of the Bien Chez Soi team is selected according to a rigorous hiring process in order to meet the standards established in our mission. We select our staff carefully and verify academic training, work experience and life experience. The personality of each individual is taken into consideration as we understand the trust you place in us to take care of someone who is very dear to you.

Our skills in human resource management allow us to provide you with a superior quality of service. We give careful consideration to the pairing of our caregivers with our client depending on personality, skills and training required. A daily relationship is established between Bien Chez Soi, our caregivers and your family to ensure you receive a consistent level of home care.

Our versatile employees have initial Bien Chez Soi training as we offer a Workplace Apprenticeship Program (PAMT – programme d’apprentissage en milieu de travail ) accredited by Emploi Québec that leads to a professional certificate as a home care specialist provider. Our caregivers offer a wide range of quality services to cover all of your home health care needs.

We guarantee that all employees reflect Bien Chez Soi’s mission and that the passion we have for helping people carries over into your home.

Bien Chez Soi’s rigorous hiring process includes:

  • Telephone interview
  • In-person interview
  • Verification and proof of academic certification
  • Verification of PDSB card certified by ASSTSAS and current CPR
  • Verification of employment history
  • Police investigation

Continuous Training:

  • We offer a Workplace Apprentiship Program (PAMT – programme d’apprentissage en milieu de travail ) accredited by Emploi Quebec and leads to professional certification as a home care specialist provider
  • Apprenticeship program in the workplace
  • Coaching and daily support with a team leader focusing on the integration of home and health care skills
  • Training and documentation throughout employment on home health care skills, diseases and important information regarding the loss of autonomy

Government Financial Programs

Tax Credit for Home Support Services

For people aged 70 and over, choosing to remain at home has never been so accessible. Revenu Québec offers a monthly or yearly reimbursement of 35% of the expenses related to home care services. Whether you are looking for specialized home health care services, or home maintenance services, Bien Chez Soi offers a complete program of home care services, to ensure you stay in the comfort of your home. All services and products offered by Bien Chez Soi are eligible for tax credits offered by Revenu Québec.

Find more information on the tax credits offered by Revenu Québec.

Tax Credit for Child Care Expenses

Expenses paid for childcare services may give entitlement to a refundable tax credit. The amount of the credit is based on family income. Advance payments are possible, provided certain conditions are met. Depending on family income, the tax credit rate varies from 26% to 75% of qualifying childcare expenses paid by the parents.


Excellence in Our Processes

1. Specialists in Home and Health Care Services
Created in 2008, Bien Chez Soi has the experience and knowledge to offer quality home care services to its community. It is a proudly owned and operated Quebec company, which means its managers understand the reality of the Quebec health care systems and can give the helping hand needed to support its structure.

Over the past 8 years Bien Chez Soi’s team has created the necessary work tools and assessment forms to identify the specific needs for each person we help. Whether it be for nanny services, household cleaning or home health care services for seniors we have the expertise to help you determine your specific needs. Ask your home care specialist for information on our home care assessment forms.

  • Home Maintenance Assessment Form
  • Family Care Assessment Form
  • Home Health Care Assessment Form

2. Ongoing Assessment of the Quality of Our Services
Bien Chez Soi always aims to exceed the expectations of our clients. With that goal in mind, necessary measures have been implemented to allow our managers the ability to evaluate the quality of our service on a daily basis. Clients are also invited to share their experiences with us to help us maintain this high standard of quality. With this collaboration and our quality control processes, we are able to make the right decisions to refine the quality of service we provide you with the home care services you deserve.

3. Development in Human Resources Award
Bien Chez Soi received an award for its development and quality in human resources management by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de la Rive-Sud. In fact, all of our efforts are made ​​to develop the best tools and processes to ensure the satisfaction of our employees and ultimately, our clients.

Finaliste 2013 - Prix Excellence Dominique-Rollin

Available 24/7 with Flexible Schedules

Bien Chez Soi and their managers know that every family has a different lifestyle, schedule and specific needs. Whether you need us once a week or every day, Bien Chez Soi is pleased to accommodate your exact needs. The client decides which day of the week they need assistance and the hours of the day needed and Bien Chez Soi finds the right caregiver to assist them.