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Bien Chez Soi has built a reputation on loving, home care services personalized to your unique needs. You can gain a better understanding of the high level of service we provide by reading reviews from our customers. We encourage you to explore our website to find more information on the home health carechildcare and household services we provide. Please contact us to schedule your free evaluation.

Healthcare workers with elderly man

“Without your services, my father would surely be placed in a center and neither he nor my mother could have the quality of life, together, they have at the moment.  Thanks for this peace of mind.”

~ Diane W., daughter

“We only have good comments about the quality of administrative services and personal care offered by the team of Bien Chez Soi.  We receive the services with our attendants since 2009 and this, without interruption.  A big thank you, keep up the excellent work!”

~ Colin and Louise W.

“I am proud to work for a company that takes to heart the lives of others and helping them in their daily needs.”

~ Lyne L., caregiver

“When you love what you are doing, I believe that it is reflects on your work. Thank you to my manager for her support, when I receive her little emails, I feel her smiles and that is very nice! I think that Bien Chez Soi has a team that is out of this world!”

~ Suzanne B., caregiver

“My wife and I receive help from Bien Chez Soi for some time now. My wife has Alzheimer’s and cannot be left home alone; therefore when the caregiver comes over I am able to leave to do the groceries and errands. It is liberating for me to have Bien Chez Soi to count on when I need them.”

~ Mr. Gagnère

“Since the beginning of Julie’s assistance with the family, my mother has much evolved positively. She even accepted on the first day, to take a bath with her help. I am very happy and so is my mother. She loves Julie!!”

~ Son of client

“Thanks for everything! We have been very satisfied with your services. Always attentive and very effective. Thank you for your support.”

~ Izabela, daughter

“Just a small note to tell you that we are very pleased with the people that you have sent to take care of our mother. We had already contacted you to confirm the nice chemistry between our mother and Alexa, and there’s Danielle, in whom we trust also. My mother appreciated these two people just like us. A big thank you to you and your team.”

~ Lisette and Linda Bénard, daughters

“Bien Chez Soi offers us the privilege to enter into the intimacy of the people we help, to use our knowledge, our experience, as well as all the human potential that lives in us. In this context of trust and empathy we are confident, after each of our days to have made a real difference in the lives of the people we support. I found at Bien Chez Soi a family, a supportive environment and also an accomplice, sworn by values promoting home and health care services in an incomparable way! In a society where everything goes fast, I finally found a place that allows me to remain human, compassionate, professional. Bien Chez Soi has literally changed my life!”

~ Marie-Josée Brisebois, caregiver

“Bien Chez Soi has been helping me for just over a year and I would recommend their services without hesitation. Before starting our services, someone came to meet us in our home and explain to us clearly how their services worked, which made us feel very confident and comfortable. We are very satisfied with the services that the caregiver performs and plan on keeping her for a long time.”

~ Annie Paquette

“I congratulate Bien Chez Soi and particularly one of your caregivers, Madame Line Laurin. Due to unusual circumstances, I spent Monday with my dad. Line assisted my father for an appointment at the hospital that day. The respect and patience she showed with my father has really touched me. Despite the delay of transportation and the slow pace of the hospital services, she remained positive. Line has been very compassionate and did everything to help my father in his mobility. Line’s attitude helped my father to stay relaxed and confident that everything was under control. Congratulations and a big thank you!”

~ D. Bonneaux

“I am a 70-year-old woman living alone and I recently started using the Bien Chez Soi homecare services. I can no longer perform all the household tasks that I could before, and therefore really appreciate the helping hand I receive. It is also very nice that the same person comes to help me because I appreciate having the chance to talk with someone at the same time. Thank you for all your help.”

~ Georgette R.

“Makes me so happy to help others, the funniest thing is that it is quite natural for me. Someone from the CLSC came on Wednesday March 5 and was surprised to see how Ms. Nicole was breathing well and how quiet she was due to my quick arrival on the scene. Her daughter told her she really likes me. Thank you and know that for me, to see that we please the people we assist remains my daily vitamin.”

~ Caregiver

“I hope that you’ll stay longer with us, because you are very dear to me and I would be so sad to lose you.”

~ Words from a client to her caregiver

“When I called to get information for helping my mother, I was surprised by the versatility of the services offered. Bien Chez Soi now helps my mother with her personal hygiene, meal preparation and cleaning. The caregiver was able to complete the services the CLSC was not able to offer us.”

~ Claudie Leblanc

“I turned to Bien Chez Soi for help when a friend recommended them to me. A caregiver came to my house to help and was able to do everything with little explanation. I am new client with Bien Chez Soi but I am looking forward to having help like the last 2 times they came.”

~ A. Fortin

“Just a few words to share a beautiful and great adventure. I have been at Bien Chez Soi for almost 5 years now, building my career, a career of heart and passion! To have this chance to share our knowledge, to go further in helping people one step at a time, helps us live rewarding experiences and allows us to acquire an invaluable strength and the respect of those who see us grow. I would like to thank my colleagues who make me grow every day, you, who stand by me and carry me. Bien Chez Soi grows thanks to all, and thanks to you all I grow too, thank you!”

~ Elyse, homecare specialist

“A big thanks to Sylvie for her beautiful attitude and her capacity to help our happy and serene mom in difficult conditions. What a beautiful team. So reassuring for my sister and I to be able to count on Sylvie. Let us hope that you can keep us Sylvie when the age will not allow us anymore to face our obligations. Thank you again of the follow-up. Thus my mother should be returning to Jazz this evening or tomorrow OK for the service in Jazz on Friday.”

~ Anonymous

“The services allow us to do a better work-family balance. The services give us more quality time with the family. We can also better manage our work commitments and we know that our children are in good hands. It’s a big stress less for us. Bien Chez Soi stands out for its flexibility in terms of its contract, including a minimal file opening fee, the possibility of cancelling a service within 72 hours, without a pre-established commitment in the very long term. We do not feel “attached” as with other agencies we consulted. Service fees are reasonable and more accessible than we thought. After 3 months, we already see the beneficial effect for our whole family. The burden of everyday life does not weigh so much. Our children are not in a hurry in the morning and are not caught in the whirlwind imposed by their parents. And we, the parents, are much less anxious about work-family balance and managing common family tasks. I often tell my friends and family that this is the best decision we have made for our family, that it is the best investment for our quality of life. Knowing how easy, accessible and flexible the process is, coupled with the quality of the attendant we have, we would have called long before! ”

~ Audrée

“Ever since I started working for Bien Chez Soi, every day of work is like a day of vacation. Seeing the smile of our customers in the morning makes my day. They have all kinds of experiences and have met all kinds of people (young and old) with different needs. Each client is a unique experience. With flexible schedules and employers listening at all times, they motivate us to continue our good job at home. The meeting of the other teams allowed me to note that we all have the same goal in life: to help and to make the world happy with all that we can offer them. With my 7 years experience in other health organizations, Bien Chez Soi offers personalized services with a much more human side. I am proud to say that I belong to Bien Chez Soi. ”

~ Catherine – family assistant

“Thank you for your condolences on the loss of my Mother. She survived 21 nights in the senior home. I would like to thank Jose, who took such wonderful care of both my parents for the last years. My Dad said she was a blessing and he could not have done it without her. It is wonderful you have this service available to keep people in their own homes as long as possible. Thank you.”

~ Debra McMullan

“It is pleasant when we get up in the morning and seeing the beautiful sun. I consider myself fortunate because I have the second sun when I go into the chamber 766 #2. Wow!!! It is brilliant. My beautiful Jeanine always satisfied when she sees me and who tells always tells me: you make me laugh. It is so beautiful to see her with a big smile. My smile makes her laugh but it is true that I make her laugh. ;):)) Before my beautiful Jeanine has her hair washed, the nurse arrives to give her these hors-d’oeuvres. Three pills to be swallowed. She did not want but when I said that I am going to drink at the same time as her, OK, it worked but not for the 2nd one. Then, I said to the nurse: bring an orange juice, she will take it. Here we are! It worked. Yabadabadou At 9:40 am, she feels tired, bad everywhere especially the back, Tylenol made its effects a few minutes. Excellent! While putting her to sleep, she complains a lot about her back pain. It doesn’t take long that her pills make an effect. She places herself in a comfortable position, she was cold but it didn’t take long before I covered her. She fell asleep like a baby. 11:00 am, she slowly wakes up and says to me: I love you a lot, so much, forever and we will never forget each other, you are a friend for life. Wow! It was so beautiful and it felt good to hear what my lovely Jeanine told me. Very emotional and we laughed at my stories. An extraordinary moment and it is carved in my heart forever. 😉 I love her very much, a splendid noble lady, a woman, a friend that we could never forget. I love you my lovely Jeanine. Around 11:30 am, the nurse and the residence clerk came to give her lunch! She ate well, she didn’t finish everything but she ate enough. Yabadabadou!!! At 12:45 pm, I put her to bed and not long, she fell asleep again. That’s all! On this lovely Friday always sunny.”

~ Employée fière

Hello, some words to show you our appreciation of the excellent support provided to Sophie our daughter, by the various participants whom she was able to meet during the weeks which preceded her departure. Your participation, whatever the level of assistance, reassures us that she was able to be accompanied by good people.

~ Gilberte Brassard et Gaston Nadeau